Heavenly angel: deceived by trust by duckhunter

 This is my first attempt of ever writing a story, this was indeed inspired by several other well received stories in this forum. I will try to maintain an optimum pace throughout and be as elaborate as possible. There are no false promises and constructive thoughts are invited from everyone.

Devika was born in a conventional orthodox  descent nurtured with love by her closely knit family. Her parents were respected teachers in their community, and that added to her aspirations of becoming a teacher herself. 

She really longed to become a meritorious teacher loved by everyone. She wanted to become an influential figure in a growing child by sculpting them in right direction for them to develop holistically. For that she got graduated and trained in Student counselling and was absorbed in local school. She got married while she was doing Masters in her subject and within one year was blessed with a baby boy.

Her Husband’s name is Venkatesh aged 30 and works for a private bank, they had an arranged marriage and he also hails from an equally respectable family who holds to family values. He was very loving and tender-hearted person who really care his wife and respects her thoughts. In return Devika was the most lovable soul, she is the ultimate word for compassion, kindness and humane.

Resembled with her angelic character, she is equally divinely beautiful with enchanting features. All people irrespective of gender will stand amazed by her beauty. Classical dance she was practising from childhood gifted her prominent charming body measures. Her eyes so crystal clear that you could see rivers, oceans, the world through them. Black hair, radiant and shining, swishing with her slightest movement. She had alluring lips, they were blossom soft.


 Devika fashioned a voluptuous body which was carved into perfection. God showcased detailed care in sculpting her and he could not do more justice. Her bosoms were incredibly soft like a wool that every man wants to immerse in its coziness. Her waist was slender with a curvaceous bottom which pumps the testosterone even in a numb body.

Devika was 25, when she joined the local school after giving birth to baby boy Adi. She joined the school with great vigour, of being able to pursue her passion of aiding young minds to lead a better happy life.

But little did she know what was kept on her plate there.


At 5 in the morning, her alarm beeped with some vibration, anyways she was slightly awake before then. She couldn't sleep much in anticipation of the beautiful day laying ahead. Today is the day she had dreamt for years, she will be joining the higher secondary school as counselor later today. She was literally overwhelmed with happiness as well as with some anxiety.

Devika got up and sat on the bed for a moment and stretched herself a little. It is still dark outside and the sun is poised for dawn coming outside from the hue of darkness. She thought it is going to be a perfect morning. She looked aside to her peacefully sleeping husband venkatesh, lovingly called venki by her. He slept innocently like a small child which brought a shade of smile to her charming face. She stretched her hand and gently stroked his hair for an instant and gave a tenderly soft kiss on his forehead. He squirmed a bit and continued sleeping quietly. She gazed at other side were her little 2 month old love was sleeping in the cradle, his lips were involuntarily emulating suction while he is asleep. Devika thought her little one might be in a dream were he is drinking her sweet milk. 

These two were the most important figures in her life at the moment, it is for them she is living and her world is confined only to them till yesterday. But today onwards she has a new role to serve, she has to contribute a big amount of time to her career now which she promptly accepted when an opportunity turned up. Actually she wanted to spend more time with Adi since he is only 2 months old, but these kind of career opportunity comes in scarce and she was longing for job like this were she has to deal with young minds which is very challenging as well.


 So she does not miss this opportunity and wait endlessly for another to come and readily grabbed it. She asked her mother to stay at their house to take care of her child, while she goes for work. Considering her present condition and the need of frequently nursing Adi, she was hired as a part time employee by the school management, she has to work only half a day and later she can come home for being with Adi. She knows that this will be very demanding for Adi, as he is quite used with frequent breastfeeding. As he has not started eating, only milk could be given and at this age it is very particular that a baby must be given mother's milk. So at morning before she leaves for the work, devika has to extract milk from her breast and should be stored for Adi to have while she is away for work. After coming back she can feed directly from breast as usual.

These days devika is having less sleep because her child is very demanding by frequently crying several time in the midst of night asking to be breastfed. Devika quickly recoverd from her semi trance state knowing she has lots of chores to be done before setting off to school.

Chapter - 2
Devika got up, stretched a little and went to her wardrobe to get a new nighty. Usually she prefers simple kurti while at home, but since the birth of her child she changed to nighty which has some buttons at the front for easy breastfeeding. While going outside, she always wear either saree, which is very carefully draped over her sensual body giving no scope for onlookers or a churidar which does not accentuate her tempting womanly features. While draping saree she takes special care to avoid exposing her midriff area.
Along with the nighty she took a fresh light blue panty and her bath towel, and proceeded to have a warm bath. While at home after Adi was born, she rarely wears a bra inside the nighty as it is uncomfortable and easy to feed him. She wears bra, if she anticipates any guest or simply wear a duppatta over her breast if she has to open door for unexpected ones. But mostly she is braless inside the house. She had a relaxing 30 minutes bath and came outside wearing the beautiful nighty and the chosen light coloured panty. She didn't bother to wear a underskirt at the moment as she has to change later for going to work. Looking at her dear husband and lovely child she dried her hair and tied it with towel. She then quickly moved to pooja room and prayed for sometime to her favourite god krishna, asking god to help in her new work to be successful and also thanking him for the beautiful life given to her. She also gave her prayers for venki and adi seeking help, for them to have a healthy, peaceful life.
By the time she came out of the prayer room it is half past six. She opened the front door and fetched the newspaper, it was little cold outside and it seems the sun is still shy to come out of his black blanket. She stood there a moment glancing through the headlines and feeling the fresh air. Then she went inside with a little smile seeing the effort of naughty cold breeze on her engorged adorable breasts. The flimsy material of nighty tried hard not to showcase the poking sweet nipples of devika for the world to desire.

Coming inside, she secured the door and kept the newspaper on the drawing room and went to kitchen. By the time she finished preparing tea venki woke up and came to kitchen yawning. Still dozy he came and gave devika a warm loving embrace from behind. Devika jolted a little as she was not expecting this. She quickly recovered and turned her face to venki and gave a affectionate smile.
Devika: ah, dear what happened, you are little early today?
Venki: yeah , I thought I will help my angel. You should not be late today.
Saying that he gently nuzzled her nose with his lips and rested his chin on her left shoulder and closed his eyes enjoying the pleasant fragrance from her delicate body. Devika also stood there immersed in his soft touch for an instant, and after that playfully nudged him with her elbow.
Devika: Now leave me and go to shower, I will keep the breakfast ready when you are out. Saying that she tried to free herself from the loving clutches of her husband.
Venki: uhmm, let me hold my princess for some more time and tightened his grip on her waist.
Devika: no dear, Adi will wake up anytime, before then I have to finish the chores, telling this she pulled the face of venki towards her using her left hand and gave a loving 3 second kiss on his right cheek. And freed herself and pushed him outside the kitchen.
Venki with half-minded effort left to freshen up.
It took another half an hour for her to finish preparing breakfast, and by the time everything is ready it was already half past seven. Her mother would reach here by 8:30 to take care of Adi until Devika returns home after school. She thought it will not be a worry for her mother as it is only 10 minutes walking distance from their house and moreover she is very fond of her grand son. Adi also easily get along with her, and if Amma wants, her father also can accompany her as both are enjoying their retired life. And also it is only matter of some hours, after that Devika will come home after her part time work by noon.

She kept everything ready on the table and took a cup of tea and went to her bedroom to see if Venki is out from shower. As he was still inside the bathroom, she kept tea on the table and checked whether Adi is awake. Adi was still in his dream innocent sleep, she thought he must have got really tired after yesterday's crying session. She wished he will cope well and fine at her absence with her parents. While thinking about her little cute baby , she heard Venki opening the door.
By knowing devika is checking her child, Venki asked her " don't you want to see your other baby is awake or not " with a mischievous grin. She turned back with crinkled brow and gave a suspicious look with a smile. Venki grinned widely and dropped his waist cloth to floor and pointed at his flaccid penis. Devika amazed at his naughty behavior got up from there giggling and rushed towards venki mocking anger to hit him. Venki laughed and moved back to bathroom and playfully tried to close the door naked with little effort. She pushed the door open and held his hands and pinned him to bathroom wall, with an evil smile she looked down to his penis and whispered " my poor little baby, don't even think about waking up now, it will be really hard for me to put you back into sleep" saying that she gave a small poke to his sleeping penis and looked back at venki to give a childish laugh.

Venki held both of her chubby delicate cheeks, tweaking softly and whispered in her ears " your mere presence is enough for him to come alive and go mad." She nudged his hand from her cheeks and gave a tight loving hug to him, they stood there for a while relishing each others warmth. Devika felt something stirring up on her lower belly, she moved little apart and glanced down to see her little venki getting aroused to life and poking on her midriff, asking to be cuddled loving. Devika looked back at him and muttered " Oww..see this little fellow here, I didn't even do anything but still he can't resist an innocent hug from me"

Purva leaves her armpit hair and touched munna's lips but they just don't stopped. Purva down her right hand and gripped munna's neck and locked her lips on munna's lip. Irfan came and grabbed purva’s hairs and separated her from munna.
Irfan: I told just touch not kiss . ok .
Purva: sorry gurji. she held her both ears And told
Irfan,hussain ji , mushtaq and all started laughing to she purvas innocent act of apology.
Hussain ji: are hota hay hota hay . iske lie hi to tujhe chuna hay. ( Oh it's happened, that's why I choose you.)


Purva was continuing her practice with the boys while hussain ji called mushtaq outside the shed and stand just besides the open door. They were discussing something serious. Here inside the shed irfan started some bhojpuri hot songs and ask to Purva to dance on it. But purva was getting some problems. What's happening ask Irfan.
Purva: Guruji the languages are unknown to me so, it's difficult to give expression or take a move on a unknown ward of song.
Irfan: hummm So, what do you suggest Purva ?
Purva : it will be ok if You play some hindi songs instead of bhojpuri songs guruji.
Irfan: ok Purva. Abdul play some hindi hot songs then.
Meanwhile Mushtaq and Hussain were arguing with something outside the shed. After a while they stopped arguing and it seems Mushtaq was quite unhappy with the discussion. But at the end he give a sarcastic smile and agreed with Hussain ji. The came Inside the Shed.
Hussain ji Rise his hand to stop the music. So Abdul stopped the music. Purva was sweating furiously. Her Whole body was glistening. Her breathing was heavy. And most beautiful thing is her Pussy was dripping juices which were sliding down from her both thighs.
Hussain ji Sat on some bricks pile and ask Purva to sit on the ground. Without hesitation Purva sits on the the ground in front of Hussain ji,Just like Football Players take rests after a match, Purva spread her Legs to the front first and then fold her knees a little, and put her hands on the dump soil behind her back. This cause her chest lift upwards and helped her wet pussy lips to spread apart. Then she lean her head backwards. Her rock hard nipples were looking to the sky. She was breathing heavily. And with every breath her stomach was going in and out. With that


rhythm her vagina was opening and closings its beautiful pink petals in front of Hussain ji. Her Clitoris was hard and pocking out from her pussy lips and it was shaking furiously. She closed her eyes and whispered Mushtaq ji please Come to me. Mushtaq was standing behind Hussain ji. He was about to came towards Purva when Hussain ji stopped him and then he open his kolhapuri sleeper and with his left feet thamb he started massaging Purva's Clit. Purva Was Feeling she is in heaven. She started moaning , Oh Oh hussain ji please insert your finger please insert it oh no please uhh ghusa dijie na Hussain ji. Then she lift her hands from the back and take hussainji's feet with both hand and started rubbing his feet on her entire vagina. She lift her legs backwards , in this her ass hole also became visible to Hussain ji.She started crying. Within 30 seconds she started squirting on Hussain jis Feet.
Hussain jis Leg and Pajama becomes drenched.

Oh no what's the hell is thisPurva ? Now my patloon get dirty. Who will clean it now? Hussain ji shouted with a moke anger. 'Oh don't worry sarpanch saheb Purva will take care of it ' Mushtaq told and he ordered Purva to clean the mess which she created.
Obeying Mushtaq's order Purva got closer to Hussain ji's leg and lift his leg on her lap, then she lift his leg above her head and squeezed Hussain jis Pajama as much as possible. Then she open her mouth and waited for the water squeezed out from the pant. Water came out by drops and Purva started drinking her own squirted water. Then she started licking Hussain ji's feet. And after that she surprised everyone and putHussainji's pant between her lips and started slurping the water from his pajama.
Do You thirsty Purva? Hussain Ji asked. Purva leave his leg and told yes too much Hussain ji. Ok Purva but I can't give you water in front of every one. Ok wait let me think what can I do for the shameless randi to satisfy her thirst. Hussain ji told and then called Abdul. Abdul come here and satisfy her thirst. Abdul came in front of Purva and lift his lungi and started peeing on her. Purva opened her thirsty mouth and started glupping the light yellow fluids. But she couldn't drink all the urine and half of the liquid drenched her face,hair, chest, belly , pubic region and boobs. Purva started shivering heavily. She met her first orgasm of the day. She closed her eyes, fold her knees and held them with her hands and buried her face between her knees and started panting. She got surprised to her own self how nasty how degraded she could be. She got confused what is her fetish? Exhibitionism or humiliation? Degradation or getting dirty. Or everything nasty ,everything taboo in the world gives her pleasure.
Ok Abdul go aside. Hussain ji shouted. Purva stand up. Purva opened her eyes and got up. She was panting till. Purva I want to take some pictures of you hussain ji said. He give his phone to karim and asked him to take pictures.

Purva: But why Hussain ji? You all are seeing me live then why you want pics ?
Hussain ji : Oh Khan saheb wants to see your pictures and wants to give some suggestions. Ok no more questions give some nasty poses.
Karim started clicking pics. Purva first stand straight and then lift her hands straight above her head. Then she hold her boobs and bites her lower lip and then closed her both nipples together and lifted them towards her lips and started biting her both nipples together which were covered in sweat and piss. Then she move around and bend to her west. She lift her bums and spread her asshole. She bend farther and spreaded her legs farther and inserted one middle finger into her anus. Karim tooks both close-up and full-length of purvas assets. Purva then move around again and inserted her middle finger into her mouth and then bring the finger to her clit and started running it.then she bend her knees spread legas and started fingering her pussy. She inserted four fingers into her pussy. Karim takes everything in the phone.

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